Super Natural Woman

Words : 'Happy 43 Years Young!' A Super Natural Celebration

Jan 5, 2003
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Sharing Love as appetizer for my day
Holding the hand of one heartbeat beside my own

Savouring petals unplucked of Beauties Perfection
Kissing the flower that comes my Blessed way

Finding myself at early light of Lost Lagoon
Swaying 'neath bared branches of willows that weep my name

k2 Accepting the graces of Greatest Mother - Nature
Hugging an ancient and moss covered Stanley Park tree

k2 Leaving the safety of the circling seawall
Climbing atop the biggest rock to warm my soothing self

k2 Moving beyond boundaries I once knew as mine
Resisting merely the temptation to let go too soon

k2 Invited into soul's communal Kitchen of Kindness
Feasting upon finest affair of one Raw Gourmet

k2 Orchestrating my offered Bonus Year chant
Singing in Harmony with Life's constant celebration

k2 Yes, I am having my cake... and eating it too!

With every morsel and magical mouthful,

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