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Words : Maybe Television Was Safer - Raymond Chow Makes My Day

Monday, August 27th, 2007

"The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living" -

Writing has been a passion of mine, since the tender age of eight, when I allowed poetic perfection to enter my beloved life.The telling tale of a brilliantly hued Butterfly was my first remembered taste with the merits of free verse and an endlessly flowing stream of consciousness. Dreams of beauty are what have kept me alive for this lonesome long while. Often kept awake into the late hours of the morn, by magical thoughts that had been sleeping in my subconsciousness, to somehow, make their most wondrous way ... onto the printed page. I am blessed to be able to transform anything and anyone into what and who I need them to be, for me. For, if they are to be in my world, it had better be a good story ...

Waking up to a call from MCFD was not my favourite way to start the day. Since 'clearing the clutter' has become something that I have already begun to devote an unseemingly disproportionate portion of my life to, I decided to return the unrequested call and ask a few questions of my own. Seems "two complaints have come in " to the local government appointed office , where any anonymous caller can cowardly make their sad, emptied selves somewhat known "Could be from anywhere in the world. We don't know" I am generously offered. "The first call came in on July 18th and the second on July 30th" I am told. Since it is a well known fact, that my Son and I have already been routinely victimized by slander and suffered deeply for the indiscretion of others, it is urged that I bring in my own "advocate". I jump at the far from foreign concept and make provisions to protect me and mine.

I have just about hit 'the top 40'. Wish I was merely talking about my age and not another 'nobody's' IQ. With 39 "allegations" under my close to black belt, it is more than a wee bit challenging to go over 'the same old, same old' with a ministry I really do not hope to become to fond of. I just don't see a future for us. I mean, I am far too emotionally mature for this backstabbing bit of 'psycho babble', permitted to prevail, en route to government funded offices. All because of some innocent video's placed up on YouTube? If my Son chooses to express his genius individuality and our rare sense of humour in our own unique way, then allow us this deeply offensive transgression. Maybe a few dying hearts should sniff their own 'poop', instead of bothering me in the privacy of my own backyard. I will send out an invite if I feel the need. Right now, all I am seeking is a whole lot more of the Peace we have created for ourselves, in spite of the scars, not to long ago left.

It's been a month over 2 years, since he was officially and most reluctantly returned to me.Wasn't eight months of my Son's life, enough to take from him? Haven't we 'paid our dues' to a dysfunctional society, permitted to pit family and neighbours against one another? Isn't the individual of the one 'whole', who has now become the most pitiful part part of the 'mass mind' dumping grounds, able to discern between what is truly 'wrong' or 'right?". No! If the sorrowful souls who chooses to project their misplaced fears upon brightness and sunshine, then, it is merely their own shadow they shall reveal. For, it is only the light that has the power to cast its hopeful rays. The darkness shows itself, only because of the overpowering, exquisite brilliance of the beauty it can ill afford to decimate. Lying in willful, woeful wait. So full of rejection, self-inflicted abuses and harrowing hate I shall simply stand tall and regal as the almighty Sun. Spreading my Joy and continuing, as only a devoted Mother knows best, to look after and love, my precious little Boy!

Which is precisely why I made the wise choice to make the second return call of what turns into one more divine day, to celebrated international painter and musician, Raymond Chow.How is everything in the life of Katherine and Kaelin?" I am warmly and most genuinely asked. Of course, believing whole-heartedly in the consciousness raising concept of 'brutal honesty', I am 'forced' to comply with my truth and pick up the tell-tale acid drippings of bureaucratic droppings, left by loveless citizen folk, whom in others lives, find the need to beg, plead, poke and grope. "With your talents and your active imagination, you should be writing movie scripts!" my creative cohort positively affirms. Like me, transmuting pain into pleasure. Removing the veil and seeing if the dress really fits anyone at all, and was there every someone worthwhile, hiding underneath, worth finding, at all. Which could very precisely be why when I travel to I shall find one brave single Dad's "The White Dress" series. And, yet we both choose to remain in control of our lives and owning our power. Giving our energy to no one, except those deserved. Most be why we call it "Art".

Creating a brave, new planet is not such a lofty ideal is it? After all, am I not the controller of my fate? Or, will I leave it up to the stars? Maybe I shall simply shine this rising star a little brighter. Magnify myself a lot bigger. I have attempted to go into healthy hiding, on more than one artless occasion. Seems "a force to be reckoned with" ( thank my abusive 'x' for that quotable ) doesn't seem to be able to disappear so easily, or readily. And, isn't that just what 'they' would like! Remember, never swallow anyone's hype, except your own! Make your reality. Trust the inner voice that lives inside of you and feeds off of none. You are well fed and needing none to tell you the direction of a heaven you have already created. Allow this to be a gentle reminder, not a fall from grace. Far from an imagined fable of what happens when too many mentally misplaced, devoid of an eternal love they were once so kindly born into, with fear, do erase...

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