Super Natural Woman

Words : If Only My Mother Lived To See Seventy-Three

Sunday, September 9th, 2007

Her fractured pelvis would be mending, miraculously
She'd be eating imported organic dates and diabetes free

Her cataract eyes would choose to clearly see
She'd be skipping contentedly, along the sea

Her gymnast legs; artfully bent upon one knee
She'd smile upon the universe, gratefully

Her uneven jaw would be re-set , carefully
She'd be listened to by her negligent family

Her broken down heart would mend, finally
She'd fly, like the butterfly, she was always meant to be

Her unlined face would feel the sun shining, freely
She'd know love from the many whom treated her so very cruelly

Her brilliant mind would be clear and trusting; intuitively
She'd heal with loving kindness, from a torn world; wounded, utterly

Her body would float on thin air, as a child, trusting and carefree
She'd sing and dance, nary an unwelcome advance; upon her splendid body

If only my Mother lived to see seventy-three!

Devoted Daughter and Conscious Co-Creator - Katherine Marion


My Dear Mommy most unceremoniously and unnecessarily, passed away, this May 31st, 2007. Living until the far from 'ripe age' of seventy-two, she missed her own birthday; this bittersweet September 7th. May Goddess forever bless Beloved Her.

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