Super Natural Woman

Words : Always By Myself And Never Alone

Tuesday, September 13, 2007

"All Secrets never lie ... within" - Katherine A. Marion

Now, in the gift of this ever present moment, I count my blessings. As another late morning/early bed-time beckons, I breathe deeply ... feeling what it in my heart, rather than what has come my way, throughout the hours of one more divine day. Pausing to reflect on a few life empowering lines, passed via the telephone, by a well intentioned friend, who wishes to pass on someone else's memorized secrets from the movie of the same name, I smile.After allowing a hurting acquaintance to sleep on my sofa, last evening, and thus, receiving no much required sleep of my own, I centre myself. Toning down the torment sent to me by a cherished loved one who is in his own personal throes of self induced crisis. Accepting I may miss out on more welcome workout, at my preferred altar in the gym, due to another precious project demanding my attention. Calming uncontained turbulence that threatens to rise up, only if I permit others' infidelities to affect my naturally induced stream of consciousness. Letting go. To remain the best that I can be - truly Me!

Katherine A. Marion

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