Super Natural Woman

Words : Smelling The Roses

September 22, 2007

All you need is Love" - John Lennon

" I think ... I might be wrong, but I have a ... ", the quiet little brunette begins to bravely share with me. I gaze at the lovely lassie whom, this year, gleefully graduated from Vancouver School Of Natural Nutrition, and I help her along, with her recent discovery. "You mean, 'think', or do you mean feel?" I succinctly ask. "A lot of people confuse their thoughts with their feelings. I believe you mean, 'feel'". One thoughtful young student of life, rephrased her sentence and tells me, " Earlier, I saw you in the store and I 'sensed' that you are in your heart chakra. You might be working with forgiveness. Or, you may just be coming from compassion". I hugged her. So grateful to have one gentle person see who I truly am, all I can do is hold this tender heart close and open up ... even more.

I've been lovingly applying Waleda's rose facial moisturizer all over my starving skin. I am in the pleasing process of reading a display piece in the natural products section, on the healing benefits of pure essential oil of rose. I had even just opened up a reference book on flowers and their various rejuvenating properties.Guess which sweet smelling page I landed upon? Yes, it all keeps 'coming up roses'. When the universe talks, I listen ... And, now a lovely soul is responding to my unblemished mirror. A maiden of a messenger, senses my energy and is divinely drawn towards me. Roses opening up to share their gentle blush with a wise woman who has wisely learned to let go of fear. Holding onto only the Light.

One pretty petal proceeds to pass me some information of xlyitol I had been asking for, last week, when purchasing a new tube of healthy toothpaste. Freshly printed up on her work computer, many pages of the truth, helping me along on my own joyous path. So gratified to be seen for who I essentially am, I give my trusted guide, more homework, on the pro's and con's of lecithin and whether all soy based products are actually carcinogenic, and is hemp really "the new soy?"After a self love seminar in my church - the local gym, I feel long overdue relief over helping myself recover from too many who don't choose to, often enough, effectively deal with their long overdue issues, thereby; accepting responsibility for their own recovery. So nice is it to see and feel another's radiance coming forth to magically meet me and mine, that I happily pay far more than a mere pittance for a handful of roses, by 'any other name'.

At the check-out, I offer the new girl, with the prettiest long braids, a whiff of the two yellow roses I have recently plucked from their thorn-ridden vine. I begin sharing information about rose oil and how "your olfactory glands are in your face-inside the nasal cavity". Passing along new knowledge, concerning "an all encompassing inter cellular and sensory healing process than no one has quite figured out yet". The smooth, giving skin of the fresh faced employee, gives way to a generous and well-pleased smile. I tell her how lovely she was and proceed to walk home. On the way out, I shake the hand of the newly hired assistant store manager, as he stands, eating the remnants of a soon to be poorly digested meal, after one more "busy day". As the doors lock on me, all my senses are newly heightened, with the awareness that wherever I go, I give only love.

Must be why the young Chinese boy gets off his bike and begins walking with me, up the oncoming steep hill, instead of biking. Easily,we start to talk. "Lady, do you mind if I ask you a question ...?" is how my conversation with the considerate nineteen year student begins. Seems he's in love with "an older woman". She is twenty-four and believes her boyfriend is "too young" for her. I put some common sense back into his young and heavy head, since his heart is fully open and he is too utterly consumed with feeling the pain of rejection, to see the 'real story'. Carrying my potted lilies and a bag of fresh produce on his handlebars, he is able to handle new understandings from 'the voice of experience'. Thanking me for my sage advice, he carefully jots down my website address and makes his way back down the hill, close to midnight, to sleep a restful sleep.

Upon arriving at our cozy garden suite, my rosy-cheeked boy opens the door, and kisses me. I hold my dearest heart close and gladly remind him "I love you". Accepting my hearts ever hopeful offerings, he gives me back my faith in full. We begin discussing Kaelin's spontaneous readings upon this enchanted evening; Judy Blume's "Are we there yet, God?" and Louise Hay's "Life - Reflections on your journey". Eager to open up the glitter covered shoe box, tied with a delicate bow, delivered to my front doorstep, earlier in the day, I start to read the most courageous, open-hearted letter I have ever had the privilege to receive. From the immense innermost pathways of purity and purpose, a "recovering crystal meth addict' willingly opens up, to gift me with her gratitude, admit to her fears and pass on acknowledgment of her considerable conscious contributions. Overjoyed, I slowly fold the four full pages of wonderful writing and feel the energizing warmth of a fulfilling day, spread through my being; as bright and visible as a newly approaching dawn.

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