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Words : Ask And It Is Given

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

"I am the blessed Mother who gets as good as she
gives." - K.Marion

It started with a flat tire. This was before the sudden downpoar of an earth-shaking storm. Besides, I love biking in the rain. Quickly pedalling over once crisp multi-coloured autumn leaves. A female dog lover, on a leash, yelling at me to "Get off the sidewalk". A sleepwalking gal, shaking her saturated umbrella all over my already wet tights, merely to offer me a sheepish look. A bevy of far from divinely-sent drivers, lining busy Broadway, at rush-hour. Circling around Van Dusen Gardens, to finally visit Klippers and Forstbauer Farm on the second to last week of The Vancouver Farmers Market. A wet a well worthwhile trip.

The heart-felt hug under one shared umbrella is what truly sent me into gorgeous gales of long buried sobs. Too much given away. Still so much to be received. After a salivating sampling of freshly picked Braeburn apples, trucked in from sunny Costen, this tasty sampler reached far beyond my taste buds. 'Nipped in the bud ' by a fellow bossom buddy, another female empath who surrenders to the external noise, while realizing she's still not quite 'above it'. Just what one beautifully saturated soul and bedraggled singe Mommy might just wish for ...

"Ask for what you want", Georgia Nicols; Vancouver's own bright and shining star astrologist, wisely told me, as she awaited, ready to pick up her grandson, in all his glistening glory. Standing at the hardwood shores of Academie Duello (, soaking up truly positive energy from a newly met and most forward-thinking woman. Within a beautiful brick-walled, vaulted ceiling'd, soon to be Katherine's success story of a Halloween party room. "The Moon is in Capricorn, tonight", was the welcoming broadcast. "This is a very lucky time". Appreciating and admiring the red-headed, personality-laden lady, who lives on Bowen Island, exuding supreme charisma and the most bewitched energy. I thanked my blessed stars for sending me out to travel under wind and clouds to open up all rawsome receptors.

If I hadn't 'pushed my luck' and asked for a lift from my webmaster to welcome gifts of love and organic goodies from the field, I may not have visited Erin ( on Richards Street, to pick up freshly prepared wheat and gluten free, organic, vegan lasagna and cocoa balls, before testing my own, to run upstairs to visit youths at historical swordplay and listen to my inner voice as I mentioned my highest intentions, to a live-eyed lady in spectacles, offering soul-warming information. A mere morsel offered, allowing me to listen to the innate wisdom that speaks to us all. Whether it be raining or pouring, 'the old man is snoring', only when the little girl inside of all of us chooses to not remember the many splendoured gifts already divinely dropping into her pretty handwoven basket.

Astutely Allowing,
Katherine Marion

P.S. Guess what I'm asking for, next?

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