Super Natural Woman

Words : Mothers Are Made For Love

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Mothers are magnificent.You never know they are there until they aren't. Their presence is such as the bold and shining sun.Warm and inspiring. Hot and fiery when put to the test.Measured by magic of inner wealth.Mothers are the flower I love best!

Mothers are sensitive and sweet. Choosing one purest part of yours to keep. Holding onto you for dearest life. Letting go not even when they finally lose their own. Forgiving your shortsightedness. Accepting you as the beauty they choose to truly see.Mothers are the heart that set you free.

Mothers are loyal to the end of time. Nurturing a seed planted with highest intention. Feeding the soil. Watering the land. Cultivating with tough and gentle hand. Separating the dirt from the sand. Creating consciousness before unknown. Mothers are leaders, lovers, ladies; loved from youth and past full grown!

To My Mother - Love!

Katherine Marion

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