Super Natural Woman

Words : Universal Support

August 8 2008

Better than an underwire bra. Higher than a kitten on a kite. Sweeter than honey from the happy hive. One more delectable bite.

Stronger than Superman without kryptonite. Braver than a Mother birthing new life. Deeper than soul's burning desire. Sliced by the sharpest knife.

Bestowed with unconditional love. Flowing within ever conscious stream. Accepted by open heart. Welcoming of divinities endless dream.

Leading into a new world. Letting go of yesterday's sorrow. Living for only today. Creating your own blessed tomorrow.

Seeing with clear eyes. Feeling with intense emotion. Touched by an Angel's kindness. Floating on a gentle ocean.

Ready to drift forever. Learning to bend not break. Remembering to trust.
A Universe supreme does magically make.

Blessed are We,

Katherine Marion

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