Super Natural Woman

Words : Saving Myself

August 8 2008

Damage control. Tolerance. Patience. Why should I?

Loving myself takes no time. Only love. Looking after others incurs many costs. Mostly hidden. Buried. Becoming issues in the tissues. Let go or lose parts of myself. And, you.

The only way I am able to be there for others is by becoming readily available for me. Looking deep within. Beyond the facades. Beneath the superficial pain. Deeper and darker. Until, brightness prevails ...

Never fails. I see light. A narrow tunnel transforms into an expansive channel for change and inner growth. A vulture once picking my bones is a gift. Cleansing myself of what was never mine to begin with. Owning my power. Expanding my horizons. Endless..

My wings feel so light. Lifting off to soar. Need I ask for more. Of course. Always!

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