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Words : Things Are Often Not What They Seem

August 29th, 2008

The flowers are real. I know. I smell their gentle and soothing aroma.

My abusive x must be dead. I know. I heard him call me down, yesterday, and I kept up.

The gym is real. I know. I worked out at the church of self-love, last night.

My Mother has passed away. I know. I still feel her splendid skin upon my own.

The sweat upon my body is real. I know.I taste it's saltiness fall from my face.

My old life is gone. I know. I see a brave new world emerging

The dirt under my nails is real. I know. I watered the plants, this early morn.

My misery has left me. I know. I am free to cry like the falling heavens.

The sky opening up is real. I know.. I hear the birds noisily mating.

My past has left me. I know. I experience the high of believing in only me.

The roaring river is real. I know. I eagerly swam with reckless abandon, last week.

My grief is not mine. I know. I am now best friends with only happiness.

The love of my son is real. I know. I watch him as he innocently plays.with life.

My fears are not real. I know. A bright light guides my wondrous way.

The splashing waves are real. I know. I giggle as I run towards joy.

My pain is not real. I know. I float as an Angle under diamond - lit skies.

The rising sun is real. I know. We laugh as we gratefully gaze upwards into Bliss.

My rage is not real. I know. I am loved by nature and beast, alike.

Making What Counts - Real,

Katherine Marion

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