Super Natural Woman

Words : Splattering My Soul All Over The Walls

September 25 2008

Homemade raw hummus, replete with soaked white sesame, sprouted sunflower seeds and cilantro. A splash of first-cold pressed olive oil and squeezed lemon juice. Naturally salted with fresh, local celery. Spiced with sun-kissed garlic, plucked from the Goddess-sent garden.

Now, sits upon the ceiling!

Sleep deprived and beyond overwhelmed, I run to the comfort of the couch, to cry. Sobbing; my son, kindly comes up behind me, to hug his Mommy. Momentarily, I lose myself in the comfort of my pain. Soon, to rise, wipe my tears and wash our meal off of the walls, cupboards, and me.

My son happily exclaims; "This is the way I like you", as I laugh and completely let go. Shining the sticky spotlight on his laughing Mommy, Kaelin films a new spot ( a lot of spots!) for lifeofagreatmommy and rawsomechef. Our viewers have gone hungry for too long. No more!

Life can take so many serious turns. Or, is it us? Turn it around and fill your life with joy. See the gift in every seeming mess. Make up a new story. Blend in beauty and happiness. Let sit and savour for a wondrous while. Pour into bowls of bliss. Drink up with magic and merriment.

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