Super Natural Woman

Words : No Wonder ... Almost A Full Moon!

Monday, Oct 13th, 2008

I told someone the other day
Just as apples grow under the sun
Tomatoes come to life under a fledgling moon

Intending to blossom under her every ray
I promised I would walk as one
Juicy tomato spurting all over Mother Moon

Yesterday, what I had begun to simply say
Came true while having so much fun
Night Shade no longer shaded from magical moon

This morning, whatever others might or may
I walk and rapturously run
Towards a brighter tomorrow, blessed by Mother Moon!

Katherine Marion

P.S. My shining Son has already fallen asleep, on the sofa, after preparing an early morning bowl of miso, which I just ate! After leaving Kaelin on the Italian tiles, I am fully able to appreciate that he will, once again, not be brushing his teeth, before bed. Listening to a dvd by Shel Silverstein, our favorite children's poet and singer, I resign myself to the usual fact, of late, that my puberty-ridden boy will soon, literally, drag himself into bed. Besides, this wondrous way, he is only closer to the bedside window where he may be closer to a most resplendent Mother Moon that he foretold as giving birth on the 14th of this month. One more day and how many more poems ....?

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