Super Natural Woman

Words : Free As Rain

Sunday, October 13th, 2008

If I choose to splatter all over their unhappy faces
This is my right
Even thought they may tell me it is woefully wrong

If I decide to dampen another dead party with my life-force
This is what is left
After what was taken away that never should have been

If I feel like dancing naked in the morning rain
This is what I want
When nothing else seems to any longer work

If I literally toss my skirt to the four winds
This is Truth making me happy
With others having forgotten what the word even means

If I seem to live with the reckless abandon of a free spirit w, that the clock is closing in on 5:00 am and my eyelids can no longer be lifted with ease, I am no longer to tenderly tease the words from my magical Mac. I shall hold close all that what never meant to be kept as secret. Sharing the truth and baring my soul. And, sometimes other ....

P.P.S. Good Goddess! Alright, I shall give you a hint .... . Now, just check out 'Dancing Naked In The Rain" and discover what a controversy I unwittingly committed as I inflicted my un-made self to a few too many doomsayers in this wounded world. All the wonderful while, creating such a sensuous stir, that I have well over 200.00 hits on this one spontaneous eruption of the senses.. This is in a less than 11 month 'reality' time frame! Only fair that after opening myself up ... you leave your positive commentary on youtube. Thanks ever so much!

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