Super Natural Woman

Words : Boy With The Bluest Berries

Sunday Nov 2nd, 2008

Hand held open
Offering thanks for life's tender offerings

Smiling face
Moving forward to stretch with boyish delight

Long, blond hair
Tucked neatly under cap of brilliant copper

Flawless skin
Colored by sunshine gracing face of love

Slim, trim frame
Artfully surrounded by Natures splendor

Healing heart
Bestowing beauty upon a a hungry world.

Katherine Marion

I just wrote this poem is less than 2 minutes. Kaelin and I have been up since 2 am, after having a long and leisurely sleep. At almost 11 am, I am feeling I had better walk to the gym, soon. Before my eyes close shut, permanently!

My ever rising Son left for the beach and library, at 7 or 8 am, this magical morn. No blueberries ( pic taken the month of Sept 08 ) to pass along to grateful strangers. Merely, the latest book, tucked carefully in his loving arms, as he left for one more day of adventure.

Bless all the little boys, turning into real men and the Mothers that made them all they shall one day so boldly and brilliantly Be!!!!

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