Super Natural Woman

Words : Excursions into the SuperNatural

The finer aspects of Vancouver

Kaelin at Lost Lagoon Looking for a Super Natural way to clear the fog on a grey and chilly January day in Vancouver?

Why just feed the ducks (only raw seeds, remember) when you can feast your soul at the Stanley Park Nature House!

Right next to the imported Weeping Willows that reign supreme, the Vancouver Ecological Society has built a Naturalists Dream.

Giant duck eggs (drained, of course) and lost turtle shells. Piercing talons from a now resting horned owl. Baby bat skeleton (donated by my son!) safely preserved in a mini-magnifier.

Some of the many local creatures laid to rest in a Healing Home. Educating Visitors and entertaining open minds at Best.

Over where the Swans swing by, a painted mural of an old lady on a bench, beckons you kindly find your way in... a refuge for indigenous plants that grow and life travellers who innately know.

The Secrets are all inside... what lies outside of us is merely a reflection of the work we have yet to do. Allow a World of Natural Innocence to meet up with You.

First in a series of Fun & Informative Life Travels. Next... Stumps

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