Super Natural Woman

Words : Go For The Gold, Girl!

Nov 3, 2008


This early morn, at 3:30 am, one more inspired piece of writing, flowed forth ... As I looked upon this years Thanksgiving pics, a few of which were captured at the gym; I became more and more proud of myself. "Frozen shoulder", on my right side, since soon after my Mom's painful passing; 1 1/2 heart-breaking years ago. Consciously committed to resume bodybuilding, for the last 6 months. Stretching unrelenting imagination and seeing a new, healed body, rising out of the ashes of what sometimes feels like the smashed temple of a broken-down, bombshell. Finally ... coming up for long overdue, fresh air!!!


What a great actor, am I? See you on my 49th Birthday, this January!

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