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Words : A Pear Off The Old Tree

January 16, 2009

This magical winter morning, my sweetest son decides to listen to "Loving You" by Elvis, as he writes up his morning Gratitude affirmations. After a long and leisurely himalayan crystal, aromatherapy bath, whist reading one more "Harry Potter" book; one relaxed boy finishes sipping his 2 oz of MonaVie Superfood drink. Later to place his own private bottle (which he 'borrowed' and buried on our big balcony, last month) back into his outdoor stash. Talk about a wonderfully nutritious way to start our day!

We have been looking up www.Windsor and watching a video on this alternative school, publicly funded by the B.C. Government, after clicking onto my links page on I have had this yummy website up for years, and finally, I click on a link I have never even checked out! I have recently visited the 'unschool' with Kaelin and even signed him up for a 3 day visit, since MCFD has been pressuring me to have "Kaelin seen in a public place" on a regular basis. Might just be a good thing, since my homelearner has been learning his own set of critical life-skills for all of his wholesome lifetime. Might as well apply what he knows, to help others, at the same and sanest time. Windsor House needs my son!

Joyous Jinjee, conscious co-founder of is such an inspirational innovator to so many of the hungry masses. I just looked up her personal gifts of Gratitude to me, on, in search of my freshly written article ("Raw, Homelearner Apprehended ...", primed and pumped out especially for her readers and today's priceless publication of her pure and precious Pear - online. Can't wait to see her perfect pages, someday soon, hit the shelves and touch an even larger readership, such as with

I wonder if other Supernatural Families whom teach themselves how to Love and Learn, keep the same unscheduled hours? No one seems to talk about these 'private' things. Possibly because the information may 'get into the wrong hands". I believe this is where we have to Trust and Believe that we are all making the most Magical and Diving Difference. Open up to a New Reality as we Share our Vast Inner Resources and Allow ...

"Raw" and "Unschooling" are still almost dirty words to so many in our dysfunctional society. Due to massive ignorance, so much of the beauty of the 'untaught' world goes un-noted and mainly noticed for all the unhealthiest reasoning, rather than for the infinity of healthiest, healing ways we can all heal this crumbling planet back to it's Pure and Precious Original form.

So, take a Breathtaking Bite out of the most Brilliant Pear and taste your most deliriously, delicious dreams take fruition ...

I am!

Blessed by Sacred Sweetness,


Photo copyright They say "The fruit doesn't fall from the tree". Well, let's see ... Kaelin drinking his morning Green Smoothie

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