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Words : My Birthday Wishes All Come True

Jan 10th, 2009

Even though my blood-family no longer recognizes my birthday; other than a simply e-wish sent by my sister, Jacqueline, this January 5th, I know I am Love. Even better, I am pure, precious, unadulterated Loving Kindness.

And, lets not forget the Forgiveness.

When my Mom passed away, a year and a half ago, due to kidney failure, surrounded by unseeing eyes filled with fears, that would rather have her dead than a 'burden' on them, any longer, I became mortally wounded.

My 'frozen' right shoulder still only operates at a mere 25%. I have increased my mobility and eased out many of the kinks and dozens of knots in the back of my brave heart. I am being kinder to myself, since this is where is all begins ... And/or ends. And I have given the loneliest parts; permission to cry, sleep whenever I want, light beeswax candles and incense at any time of the day or night. No matter who and what may wish to stand in my lighted and aromatic way!

Yet, a once-whole family, I still love and cherish, refuses to contact me, simply because I videotaped my dearest Mommy, on her 'death bed', to later put up, with love and appreciation, on youtube: chef - or, is it; Either way, I am told by my 3 sisters, in writing only, and one phone call that I made; that I took away my Mom's dignity, by showing the world her at what supposedly is not her finest hour. I choose to disagree.

Whatever I do is done out of Love. This I know, for my heart feels the Truth. When I look upon my Mom's video, taken in a P.G. hospital bed ( "the worst hospital in B.C." ), I am brought to the most beautiful place of purity. The Woman I adore, more than any other, on this precious planet,is somehow kept alive'. Offering Hope and Allowing Happiness, for so many. Especially those gifted and genuine few, who write to me in thanks,for sharing the beauty of my love, my life, my laughter and even, my tears.

Therefore, the biggest present I can give unto myself is to continue to be famously forthright and honest to my own inner being. To do away with hyperbole and the most malignantly manifested fears of others. Womanifesting the wonders I know to be true unto me and my divine right to write and speak my mind, heart and personal Peace.

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