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Words : Happy Heart Healing Birthday To Me

Jan 18th, 2009

Although Kaelin spent my birthday forgetting 'the day', he stayed up into the night, creating two magical hearts, hand in hand - walking together in Love. Yellow masterpieces of purity and perfection. Little lovable clay creatures. Moldable. Movable. Enough to make my own happy heart melt ...

Asleep at the dining room table. Focusing on finishing his conscious creation. Intent on letting his Mommy see what she means to him. Traveling inside to show me how much I am loved. Allowing me to know the depth of a little boy's emotion. Feeling absolute joy as I accept my gifts.

Grateful am I for all beauty in my life. My sweet son has opened up my mind and heart in ways I never thought imaginable. Never before had I allowed someone else to come before me and my own supposed happiness. Choosing to truly Love another caused me to begin loving Me.

Oh, it is far from perfect. Living with a pre-pubescent boy can trigger many an old emotion. Being pulled away from each other has mis-created issues that never should have arisen. Looking after oneself and another can be costly, in a myriad of ways. Yet, the positives are overwhelming.

We have written "K2" and "True Love Forever" on all our hundreds of Love Notes left at many a kitchen table, for multitudes of years. I began drawing the wee hearts touching hands and sometimes antennae ( other cartoons ), ecstatic eons ago. Never did I even think about the return. Bonus!

Opening ourselves up to Love ... we are supported by a loving universe that assists us on our every forward move. Creating a magical momentum that keeps replenishing and spiraling upwards to glorious heavens that send forth only Peace, Gratitude, and Happiness.

All we have to do is Accept Love's Many Splendors.

Are you?

With all my healing, happy, becoming whole-again heart,


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