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Friday, Jan 30th, 2009

Hi Lovely Laura,

Thanks so much for your appreciated email. Plenty to respond to ...

First of all, I do live in some sweet utopia, perched somewhere between W. and N. Vancouver. Please cal me since I do not wish to divulge the whereabouts of mineself, my treasured child and our private sanctuary to all on the web ( as per wisely suggested by my webmaster ).

I have no idea why you assume or say I am turning 53. My birthday on Jan 5th, decrees me to be a mere and gentle 49 chronological years. Even thought women, girls and clusters of admirers believe me to be around 34 or so.

Why would "Katherine The Great" - be anything except something and someone to be proud of, girl? Tell me. Pray do tell. Especially since I was just paid a pretty penny to dress up in a nurse outfit and deliver cheesecake to a meeting of 'the boys club, atop Hys Encore, last week. The grandson of the 2 - 70 year young twins who previously owned all the Elephant and Castle pubs, even told me, " I have been in love with you since I was 12". And, apparently "everyone else, too". Brian, the x-owner of Orestes on Broadway used to hire me to play Aphrodite for his restaurant anniversaries, along with his x-wfe, Bev. He was utterly impressed that I have maintained my popularity, and more so, my youthful presence after over 2 decades!

I am damn proud of myself and have received enough hate mail, jeleousy attacks, and putrid projections to last many a far from luscious lifetime. I do what feels good to me. And, if I can still call the shot for a pay-out of $500.00 cash for my wit and wonder, at the ageless age of nearly 50, then maybe others should be paying for my secrets! Instead of pocketing the small change for put-downs, due to their own insecurities and less than low self esteem. I would say 'ignorance', yet, even that awful dis-ease stems from lack of self-love.

I have a plan. I listen to my instincts which always steer me in the right direction. Upwards and across. I am a single, working Mom of a homeschooling almost 13 year old boy who is so beautiful to behold, yet, alas, entering into the turbulent throes of puberty, in a chaotic world filled with the fears, frets and foibles of too many to count. My 'work' is no small thing. This, if I choose to channel some of my energy into comedy, where I utilize my incredible sexuality that I cannot seem to hide, then power to me, don't you agree?

I am an incredibly resourceful and industrious individual who has been raped, abused, overcome malignant cervical cancer and 8 abortions, successfully retrieved my child back from MCFD ( Ministry of Children and Families ) in 8 months record time, watched my Mother needlessly die a mere 1 1/2 years ago, experienced the trauma of my most recent 'man' go through a nervous breakdown and almost take me with him, and so much more ... not yet written.

Therefore, I am not sure if you meant to inflict when you wrote a couple of your sentences. Possibly you were feeling tired and emptied, or you simply do not understand. Maybe this rawsome reply will help.

Communicating is my forte. I know my pluses. At one time, no one told me and I probably would not believe them, anyway, at various times, along the not so always wonderful way. If I choose to upload my various video's after my son's insistence, then why not simply put up your accolades on the YouTube comments section, instead of sending your resistance to me?

Happy Birthday to you, lovely Laura.

Blessings and Beauty,



I shall look up your cleanse and I am glad it is working so well for you. Feel free to send me your links to your own greatness. Your own Joy to spread ...

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