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Words : All In a Days Loving - That's What Friends Are For!

Thu Feb 12, 2009

Walking towards Pigeon Park, I wisely decide to make a quick turn, to avoid any un-kind of confrontation I may not wish to indulge in. Just as I veer to the left, out of the darkness comes a bearded male asking for "change". Since I just hopped off the bus, I have spent my last couple of dollars, along with a couple of quarters, better spent on laundry than on escalating fare. Quickly apologizing for no real reason, except human decency, I keep walking. Then, I hear a comment that is barely audible, through the noisy night. Asking " Excuse me. What did you say?", the moneyless man merely offers, with nary a shrug, " Oh, I just hate being broke". My wise and only response being in the form of positive affirmation, " Think rich!". And, as sure-footed and happy heart-free, as the bearable lightness of being can be, I am off to gratefully receive my 2 hour healing reflexology and acupressure massage at Happy Feet on Richards Streeet.

A few relaxed and weary hours later, heading back home with the help of public transit, a bus-load of ipod-playing passengers are effortlessly ushered through a maddening maze of midnight doughnut devouring cops; checking highways for drinking drivers. It hits me that I must say something. Sister, never bite thine own tongue! As I sidle up to the same sane driver I had when I earlier ventured downtown, I nonchalantly throw out, " Good thing they never gave you a breathalyzer" The driver doesn't miss a beat. We both laugh. I leave, adding, " Be sure the only thing you drink is freshly squeezed live juices". I bounce off the bus to land under the stars and find my magical way home.

Even though my sweetheart son whom everyone tells me looks like an Angel, desperately wants me to watch " Into The Wild", since we did happen to rent it a few weeks ago, I return a call to a lovely single Mom with a darling daughter close to Kaelin's own age. I congratulate my friend who just quit her high-paying $8.00 per hour job at Urban Fare. I know I am hugely responsible for putting a little fire in her idling engine, allowing her to begin setting herself free. Yet, I say nothing. Knowing is enough. As we close our 1 hr early morning conscious conversation, I give an overworked and overwhelmed woman with maximum talent, credit for her immense bravery in empowering herself. I am told "everyone else thinks I am crazy for doing it ..." Reminding N, " These are not people you wish to hold onto. Friends support you, believe in you, and constantly encourage and empower you". This is when I get the biggest and most unexpected gift of all ..." You are the first honest person I have met in the ... years since I have been in Vancouver". And, more. Makes my heart warm. And, all very well worth the effort that cost me nothing and the heart full of enough loving, caring and sharing to go around the world, forever ....

With balls of steel and heart of shining gold,

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