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Words : How Can I Sleep?

Sat, Feb 14, 2009

When I know you are all alone
Without a bed
A friend
Or, home

How Can I Sleep?

As you sit out in the rain
Not even a coat
Or, umbrella
Just pain

How Can I Sleep?

While you dry your tear
Nary a tissue
Or, hanky
Only fear

How San I Sleep?

When I know your gone
Never a sound
Not a trace
For so long

With you on my mind
Inside my heart
Always your love
Ever so kind

Katherine Marion


Happy Valentines Day to all of wonderful You!

Wow! Where did this come from ... ? I know. Yet, many not be ready to hear. A very deep place. That's all I will share for now.

I have been up for 34 hours, now. The sky is clear and blue. And, all I want to do is go down and sit on a rock at the river. I won't be making the meet-up raw potluck, this eve. My priority is to rest and heal. To write and un-peel ...


I am.


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