Super Natural Woman

Words : In A Word Full of Woe

Sat, Feb 14, 2009

Where did the happiness go
Where foul winds only seem to blow?

In a world full of woe

What happened to our joy
After they took my little boy?

Im a world full of woe

Why did this pain enter my life
Cutting my soul with sharpened knife?

In a world full of woe

Don't the fools even seem to know
Those who gossip never grow?

In a world full of woe

Aren't there enough victims, yet
That we have all personally met?

In a world full of woe

As vultures feed off the same old crow

In a world full of woe

Feel the pain inside your own chest
Opening your heart to finally find rest!

Katherine Marion

This is by far, one of the loneliest Valentines Day on this planet. My son is deeply afraid to be taken away and this has caused a variety of symptoms that I must deal with. I am a sleep-deprived single Mommy, dearly in need of a holiday I am glad to welcome .... My jets need refueling and my pail often runs dry. More unconscious contenders and pretenders than backward benders. Too many hearts broken and cruel words spoken. See me over here ... My happy heart, I am still keeping open!

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