Super Natural Woman

Words : My Favorite Valentine

Sun, Feb 15,09

You are my First Miracle

Ever does your light
So divinely to shine

My favorite Valentine

You are my Greatest Gift

Thanks to only you
This day is now mine

My favorite Valentine

You are my Happy Heart

Always is your love
With me all the time

My favorite Valentine

You are my Waking Dream

Opening me to truth
Showing me the divine

My favorite Valentine to only climb

My favorite Valentine

You are my Glorious Sun

Lightening up a planet
Many worlds to now align

My favorite Valentine

Katherine Marion

Note: My Ode To Kaelin, as he lays peacefully sleeping, is gratefully written, partly due to inspiration from a vision I captured of my sleepy son, before bed. Candles lit and hugging Mommy's Valentines Day gift of a love-song singing Elmo, my star-light begins to fade ... Yet, not before a picture of on more magical memory made in an earthly heaven where we must all choose to do the sanest sane.

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