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Words : Sweetness of Post-Valentines Day - Tickle Effect

Sun, Feb 15,09

Now on the last luscious leg of our first 10 day Wild Rose Herbal Cleanse, Kaelin is careful not to salivate on the glossy pictures of delectable raw cakes, cookies, tarts and ... as deliciously described in David Wolf and Shazzie's yummy recipe book: "Naked Chocolate". My 12 year old rawsome soul-mate carefully writes a list of organic, living ingredients he has begun compiling. We start mouth-watering work in the kitchen, tomorrow!

Even though I have not slept for over 27 hours, I shall create time to answer my budding genius' multiple questions, concerning possibly reading "Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory". Of course; already beginning to blessedly bliss out... Continuing to read to me about cacao nibs combined with coconut oil and vanilla bean, my son is getting my own salivatory juices, more than flowing .... Yet, upon this tantalizing tease of a night, I shall suffice to simply munch on my pricey locally grown organic Braeburn Apples from Klippers Farm.

Sitting atop a splendid rock under a kind and forgiving sun, earlier this afternoon, one of my neighbor's compared my still and sunlit form to the likeness of a "mermaid". Sunlight suits me. My iris' love the healing benefits of full-spectrum light. My journal is grateful for the wondrous words that trickle forth from my loving veins, in a stream of dreamy, creamy consciousness. Smooth, flawless raw-food eating skin, hungrily soaks up the glorious goodness of one more day made brighter.

Walking hand in hand with my handsome budding male, whom I am growing to be a real man. Raising my somewhat hormone-fueled pre-pubescent being to love himself, respect this hurting planet, and appreciates all creatures gladly found anywhere near his calm and soothing presence. Speaking always in the affirmative. Aware of glorious Goddess-sent gifts surrounding our ever sweetening souls, I am so wondrously willing to spread my most authentic smile to all passerby along the natural bend of this roaring rivers winding dirt path.

After a shopping cart is filled with one more generous purchase of the finest from Whole Foods, I escort Kaelin to the nearby recreational center, for a long anticipated swim. A Persian pal is in the family change-room, that he is Ruinescape friends with at the library, where my bookworm practically lives, not just breathes in knowledge and wisdom. Departing to take my bulging bags of organic groceries home, I trust my mature wee-man to play and tire himself out, before coming home to pick up the load of lonesome laundry, eat a healthy snack and brush his teeth before blessed bed.

Of course, I started my total creation of a consciousness-raising day with 2 1/2 self-honoring hours at the fitness club. A power stroll under the early morning sun. Watching at least one dozen members of a running team, jog past me, as the smiling troupes wisely headed for a run under bared branches, alongside the brave banks of the mighty Capilano. To witness her magic in the making, is to innately know; she flows and grows with grace, power and a sense of herself that shall never be controlled, harnessed or reigned in.

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