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Words : Kissing Butt is Bad For Your Breath

Tue, Feb 17,09

Photo of Katherine taken at Third Beach

Can't you smell it? Te acrid stench of self-deceit? More bothersome than stinky feet. Worse than lying to anyone else ... is telling a lie to yourself! And, pretending that you are going to somehow get away with it. Yet, we always pay the dearest price ...

Wishing, hoping, praying, to conform. So what is this is the latest norm. What for? So you can fit in? Be left alone to die amongst the barely living? Feel better in a crowded heap of unhappiness? I should hope not. After all, can your one and only soul be bought?

What to do when you can't sleep for the anxiety that eats away at your most innermost being? Eroding your self-esteem. Causing you to pull your hair out when you think no one else is watching. Or, doing the insane same. Quite the excuse. Pretty lame and by far, mundane.

You can only fall downward for so long ... Until a cross-wind catches you and saves your burning butt. By the almighty grace of Goddess, you are saved to spill your guts and share the truth. In a way that works for all ... So what if there's a lot of pain. Growth is ultimately about gain.

Brush off the dirty ashes from your bruised knees. Allow forgiving sister sun to kiss the lonely pallor of your pale-skinned face. False perceptions of yesterday to erase. A new tomorrow to bravely face. Looks who's now watching you in the mirror. Magical to behold. Seeing a miracle unfold ...

Shine the light within yourself as that of your ever answered prayer and send it forth like a beacon it the night. Now, face this new day created and the conscious community coming together ... because of YOu! To my most magical self, I must firstly be totally and honestly true.

Be bold and free. Own your power. Allow no one to tamper with one unstoppable positive attitude. Weed your gorgeous garden and know that you are the finest flower that smells her alluring best once she shamelessly breathes in necessary peace and rest.

Sleep a million years when you want. Stay up all night and write. Talk to your peaceful self while walking in the daylight hours. Feel the magic of instincts now acted upon. Touch upon a glorious new reality. Reach within as far as you fearlessly wish to see ...

Share the glory of visions and sage-old wisdom yours to impart. Keep some secrets if you may. Be discerning as you choose. Jump for joy over what you chose not to lose. Gain insights along life's wondrous way. Bring passion into play.

Like a fire-breathing dragoness, on the 'right side of the tracks', this impassioned potion flew forth from my happiest heart, as poker-red and warmly heated as any just cause for concern might be. For me. For us, all. So, mix it together and I shall dance with you at your own festive, more empowered female in the making ... magical ball. And, I should know, I have more balls than an old bull with no time or inclination left to pull any more punches. Merely to listen to my highest intended hunches. Boldly to bring forth my calling and call out to others aware and awake enough to do the sanest and sacred same! See you, soon!


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