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Words : Life In The Slow Lane

March 3, 2009

Could be the title of my upcoming bestseller - "Life in the slow lane" never seemed to suit me, for too many a torrid and tumultuous time. Might have to really feel an uncomfortable emotion and admit to tears beyond the everyday fears that hide in wicked wait. Twisted sister of sinful fate. "Energizer Bunny", here she comes. They were talking about me. Until I almost lost my voice and forgot who I really was. Amidst all the deafening noise. Finally, beginning to ask myself, "Now, who do I want to be ... for Me?"

Earlier today, as we listened to the local radio station, I asked my 12 year young homelearner, " Do you think movie stars are happy?" We'd been listening to how many well deserved Diva millions Madonna had recently received in concert and dvd sales. Hearing the latest Hollywood hype. Entertained for a mere moment or so. My wee wise-man's immediate response:"No". "Why not?" I eagerly inquired. "Because you can't be happy when you are busy!" is all my sweet sage had to say. How utterly profound!

Life in the slow lane means 'changing lanes'. While others may jostle and shove, I shall simply and sensuously slide beneath the surface and ride the wondrous wave ... Far from a madman's reach. Distant from sunburned bodies upon a naked beach. What lessons does this life for me, have to teach? That for one and all, everything we ever dreamed, desired and never have to perspire for, comes to a sudden screech, when we halt, slow down and learn to listen to the pounding of our own trusted heartbeat.


P.S. After missing one more night of shut-eye; knowing I have chosen to get up early with blessed babe - Kaelin, to meet the female principal at, and later to meet with the for 2 hrs of family gym time, I am preparing for the tender touch of a gentle and much needed sleep. And, this is my spontaneous gift to an often wounded world, before sacred slumber .... Please enjoy. I am!

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