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Words : Looking Into The Face Of My Own Innocence

Monday, March 9th.09

"Don't walk in my head with your dirty feet" - Old Buddhist saying

I have not read a news paper in years. No wonder I am so positive!

Alternative healing papers and magazines; extolling the age-old virtues of eco-sustainability, peace and healthy choices. Homeshcooling networks. Raw Food Chef's. Forward thinking authors of holy books supporting the loving lifestyle I choose. Co-creating a conscious community by connecting with other happy heart-strings, seeking do do and be the sanest same.

Once upon a much more torrid and tumultuous time, I had to be 'busy' as most of this uncultured culture seems to think they must. Before I realized myself as the soul of a poet, I heard the clamor of too many hoofbeats on my rooftop and became disheveled and rather caught up in what didn't really matter. That was ... until I wisely decided to make a defining distinction between the craziness going on outside and the peacefulness to be found inside of love-filled me.

I am able to see how falsely aroused so many are when caught up in the wheels of a whirlwind affair of a cluttered head, crammed with unconscious clutter, cascading onto anything and anyone who befalls and is ultimately be-headed by the ghost of a deafening noise that no longer need be heard. Seeing the disarray and the passionless part in it ... I once did so provokingly play, I am now able to proudly say, "Give me my own sacred space". Within this new and divinely refreshing day, created by mine own self, I breathe in ease.

It is merely fears that topple and take us down. Nothing else has the power to truly lift us up, other than our own life-force. To allow ourselves to be 'forced' into a life of repression, is to lose our self-expression. Leading into full-blown depression. How many of the death toll can you visibly count? Not choosing to look into the mirror is a dreadful shame. Seeing the beauty, rather than the lines, greying hair and bulging paunch. All losses can be erased with a change of attitude, opening of magical mind and expansiveness of heart.

Broadcasting our own God/dess-sent news, we are ultimately the consciousness-raising controllers of our blessed fate. Choosing to Love rather than to hate. Sending out kindness when venom is all we taste. Becoming our own best friend, with immediate haste. While others barely make do with tainted projections; to their own survival, lay waste. Touching the lingering pain and transforming old wounds into magic, again. Letting go of what we are supposed to do and simply being the best we can be. As far as our third eye can see ....

Trusting My Instincts,



A few minutes ago, I clicked upon the latest story of one more "serial killer" and "the Las Vegas prostitutes body parts" still being found, I began to sob. Quickly adjusting my emotional barometer; I regain my trusted composer. Balanced and breathing in my own innocent beauty, I know I must set free myself, allowing others to do their highest same. May you feel as good as I do, when you shine with the intensity and immensity of a joyous gem, finally and fabulously, dusted off. Permitting yourself to like a ray of sweetest sunshine, cover all that come your wondrous way, with all that it safe and sublime!


Please hear that I look forward to your positive feed-back. Share with me your own personal stories and remember how much I care. Real "reality" - fun with Mom and Son.

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