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Words : Continuing Trials From Outside Turbulence

Wed,March 11,09

Oh, does anyone really know what a day in the loving live of this luscious single Mom really entails?

Awakened by the downstairs buzzer, thanks to an unexpected visit from an underpaid ministry worker who re-opened our file, this last far from fabulous fall. Again, unjustly harassed, as we have surely been, for the past 13 years, since my pregnancy, by a government that is paid to investigate single Moms who receive anonymous complaints from cowards, calling in to a ministry paid to patrol its' peoples and scare the children in once happy homes, no longer allowed their own precious peace.

Soon after, to have my weekly meeting with a ministry appointed 'counselor', whom I actually like and am giving recipes for almond milk to and helping her lose weight. It works wonders for me! Gratefully pouring her a couple more ounces of MonaVie ( - online store ), to activate her own energy and offering her sage advice on her sisters recent hysterectomy, with the healing help of chakra balancing.

Next, keeping my son, who refused to sleep, due to a deep fear,we both felt, with me, the night before, awake, until his late afternoon Karate class at a real cute dojo we have so divinely discovered. A real role-model to offer Kaelin the self-confidence his birth Dad seems to never have unearthed in order to share with his blessed and seemingly forgotten own. Capturing photo's ( - soon .... )of my happiest heartbeat as he gladly performs one more sweat inducing sit-up.

Walking home, hand in happy hand, to see my son press his perfect skin up against a pussy willow, in bloom. Watching Kaelin close his eyes to dream of the idyllic life we were once allowed, for a brief and wondrous while. Holding onto tears as they press against my tired eyes. Taking the gloved warmth of a wee spirit being sent too many messages that free thinking doesn't count in a wounded world that keeps tracks of monies made by innocent children taken (read my recently written article: - Stolen Heartbeat - Feb 09 issue ).

I hold onto my cherished child, this early morn. Falling asleep, before midnight, and begging his Mommy whom so dearly needs to relax, " As long as you promise to go for a swim and sauna, I will go to sleep. You have to promise". Soon to fall mercifully to sleep in the arms of Mother still remembering her baby being taken at the tender age of 8. Have I slept yet? No work-out either, except 25 minutes at the gym, on my usual leg pumping weight routine. Every magical minute counts ....

"What was the best part of your day, today, Mommy", my happiest homelearner asks his beloved sister-soul mate, this last evening, strolling under the clearest blue skies, and kissed by the winters warmest setting sun. I want to tell him, "Seeing your pants fall down as your sensei grabbed you by the ankles for more floor exercises". Yet, I did not. Even though I do have the pictures to prove it! Instead, I spoke my first heartbeats' breath, " Spending our time, together, in love. Making magic happen. Believing in ourselves and one another. Knowing no one and nothing will ever take me or you, away, again!".

It takes a lot more to bring a smile to my son-shines' face, nowadays. It is not the dreaded "recession" or local "Vancouver gang war killings".It is not the fact that we are other than virtually ... alone in this world. Good Goddess-sent blessing, that we remain consciously connected to Sister-Source and of course, tell each other, " I love you!" at least a dozen delectable times a day. Light beeswax candles and look into eyes that speak only of light and personal freedom to feel and do as we so deservedly peace. Centered and continuing to set the harmonious pace for our our long sought after Peace.

Knowing We Will Are Always As One,

Katherine Marion


Kaelin is being pressured to enroll into We keep an open mind. So does the B.C. School Board, gratefully receiving a paltry $6,500.00 per child. Of course, a certified homelearner Mom ( ) who writes for the B.C.H.L.A. newsletter gets a whopping $120.00 per year, if she ever remembers to keep her receipts ...


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