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Words : K2 & Puppy Love - Supernatural Summer Wish List 2013

Sat June 1, 2013

K2 & Puppy Love - Supernatural Summer Wish List 2013

  1. Immediately in need of and gratefully accepting from our conscious community; to reach deep into opening hearts and bring forth ideal "puppy friendly" accommodations; close to Mother Nature and her healing love.
  2. Generous benefactor donating housing, land and unconditional love - allowing K2 to write and publish their bestselling scripts - helping to save many lives and affording hope to happier heart's
  3. Angel Investor for series of RAWK Cafe - originating in Vancouver, B.C. - "Home of Supernatural Woman."
  4. Magical male mentor for my teen Son and other's .. an opportunity to create a thriving pioneering non-profit 'school' - a dream I already see .. 'secret' for time being
  5. "Puppy Love" tree-into-the-waves.. thrower and ball player extraordinaire . for Thelma and Edward - Momma K needs some 'gym time' and cycling outdoors
  6. Director to direct my Supernatural One Woman Show: "The Crumbling of Bumbling MCFD and Bungling Bureaucracy" - a comedic and not that far fetched and altogether un-fetching fallacy - x galaxy
  7. Powerhouse Energy Shifter and Wiz Biz Dynamo to help bring about my own internationally acclaimed cable series T.V. show - "The Raw Truth"
  8. Top-notch producer for my bestselling dvd series: " Big Kat Talks Back and Takes No Crap"- poetry - live series
  9. Marketing Marvel to bring "Supernatural Woman' to every news stand on and off .. this more precious planet
  10. Professional movie-Wom/an to travel round with Puppy Love and I as we rub fur, make friends, and spread abundant light
  11. Spontaneous, insightful, mindful creator's with ideas on how to craft and create funds for much needed projects
  12. Mac book and desktop big screen for creating of novel ideas
  13. Perfect location/kitchen for upcoming raw some summer workshops
  14. A new mountain bike for my 6 ft 4' 17 year old rising-Son
  15. An opportunity to craft upcoming conscientious classes for PTSD, Attachment Disorders and any unkind of abuses by govt or ...
  16. My Canon EOS out of repair ( almost 1 years ) and/or an even more suitable camera for self portraiture project
  17. Healing Bodywork by well intentioned heart who is here .. to heal mine
  18. Real, Kind, Loving, Heartfelt Individuals -offering solace, safety, sanctuary = unconditionally
Welcome to Joy!

Love Momma K and her 'forever little boy' - King Kaelin

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