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Words : Birthday Wish List of Katherine Marion - Jan 5th, 2017

Jan 5, 2017

Birthday Wish List of Katherine Marion - Jan 5th, 2017

  1. Rest, Peaceful Mind, Unconditional Love, Continued Universal Support and Guidance
  2. My Sacred Son, Kaelin in my loving life
  3. Our 2 divine Dogies kept safe and well fed, as ever
  4. My Mom, Dad, Grandma, Great Aunt', Aunt's, Uncles, Grandpa's, Nana, Cousin's, and friend ... to call me from their far too early 'hereafter' and let me know what real invisible .. Gift's they honor me with - even from afar
  5. To be paid tribute to with a Birthday Massage, this early eve - at Beautiful Minds /Wellness Center on W. Broadway St, Vancouver, B.C. A package of certificates, even better
  6. A brand new membership for Infrared Sauna detox and centering at Vancouver's
  7. Beautiful set of eco-friendly Bamboo fitness/yoga wear at www.Urban on W. 4th Ave, Vancouver, B.C.
  8. Complete set of barbells at on 4th Ave, Vancouver, B.C. ,
  9. Gift certificate or gifts .. from the amazing store of purest essential oils and purifier's .. - W. 4th location or other.
  10. Gift Certificate to Whole Foods in Vancouver, B.C.
  11. Gift Certificate to Be Fresh Organic Grocery on W. 2nd Ave
  12. Purest, Holy Pheylonian Candles from here in Beautiful B.C.
  13. The most aromatic, authentic healing Incense .. here in B.C.
  14. The most beneficial Herbal medicines and powerful Superfoods from Ron Teegarden's wonderful website - delivered right to me
  15. More enlarged Giant Canvas wrap-around Posters to put on my new walls .. of my Son and I - to keep me conscious company and to pray underneath of .
  16. The perfectly fitting new leads/harness's for Thelma and Edward
  17. $200 to pay our fine doled out - to the local Animal people - for not paying for our licenses - last year- to be paid in full, now
  18. Gorgeous 800 thread-count purest, naturally created Bamboo sheets and silk - within - Duvet for my soon to be much more Feminine bed.
  19. Natural wood - local artisan - kitchen cupboards - out of local Wood - with amazing stained- glass doors.
  20. New and mush kinder-looking natural hardwood floors for our wee living room area.
  21. Gift Certificate for Mountain Equipment Co-op - MEC - here in Van, for a very vital pair of Hiking Boots, Snow Shoes, Ice Skates, Ski Jacket, Gloves, Hat, Scarf - for the biggest Winter batch of Snow .. we have rarely enjoyed or had . here on our frozen and typically Wet Coast
  22. Young Living Essentials Gift Certificate or any wondrous oils . whatsoever
  23. Purest, Living, Raw, Vegan Chocolate - bars - from everywhere in the world
  24. food delivery dropped shipped - NOW
  25. Movie Tickets so i can start going out and having a life where i meed my conscious community and share common interests
  26. Perfect-fitting top of the line natural fibers .. stylish Clothing -as unique as i am
  27. Camera Lenses for my Canon that sits here - lonely to be used. Lighting Kit .. as well, so i may be paid to create my magic . again
  28. A good start to an incredibly fruitful new year .. for all i know and fully appreciate
  29. All my dreams and desires .. come true
  30. Our own land to raise loving creatures upon and call; Supernatural Sanctuary - paid for a worked .. by trusted allies with the highest intentions . that i keep as my own
Only Light.
Love Katherine of Greatness and Gratitude

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