Super Natural Woman

Words : Love Letters from Vancouver


Only when we are able to assimilate to the truth will we be able to see beyond the opinion, thus see our true beloved mind
Only when we are assimilated to Compassion will we be able to see the purity of our beloved's heart,
And when we are assimilated to tolerance will we be able to see that we and our beloved are one, thus we can melt in oneness


Stela Lotus2

A lotus flower grows out of mud and filth,

Rising above the cloudy water, Emerging on the surface;

A beautiful flower.

Just like the innocent Falun Gong Practitioners,

Upholding the Principles of

Truthfulness - compassion - Forbearance,

Establishing a bright new way for humankind.

- Mansour

Please be sure to send your warmest thoughts and feeling as a special Valentine message. What a Super Natural way to bring about peace in this wonderous World!

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