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Breakfast with Katherine... Supernaturally

Sun, Mar 2, 2003

  Stanley Park Rowing Club   Find yourself in Lost Lagoon. I am!

An organic raw repast to be savoured as we become one with the salutation of the rising sun.

A picture perfect view of the North Shore mountains, sprinkled with snow, from a cozy morning nest with like spirited friends, at best.

Options of a rooftop deck offering solitude as sweet songbirds sing at high.

Home is of the Heart - over here at Katherine's, where the swans gracefully swing by...

Before a run around the seawall or on your way to work, come for warm visit or grab a Gourmet Goodie Bag To Go. Whatever your wondrous wishes, Kindly let me know!




'Supernatural Sensations'
Breakfast Buffet Menu Selections

Tropical Temptation Fruit Salad
Feel'n Groovy Smoothie
Kaelin's Crunchy Kamut - Yummy to Boot!
Pineapple Macadamia Dream Cakes
and mmm...marvellously more...

Call and place your yummy breakfast order now!
Contact Me for details!

P.S. Be sure to bring a smile to share!


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