Super Natural Woman

Words : What a Smoothie's Really Made of...

Sat Mar 15, 2003

'Sugar and Spice, and Everything Nice...' Not!

The purest ingredients. Fresh and full of feistiness. Calming yet invigorating. Tantalizing to the taste buds. Energizing for the mind. Fuel for the body...

Whether greeting eager morning guests, or whipping up a cool batch of 'jump starts' for the day - it's always gonna be Supernatural in every way!

Spontaneity is the key ingredient. Spunk is a lotta the rest. Yet, a real teaser of a tasty sampler has gotta be the best!

A Real Smoothie is surely food for the soul. Sweetness lingering upon every sip. Wrap your lips around a goodness that does forever last. Allow your spirit to take another unforgettable trip...


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