Super Natural Woman

Words : Sheepskin Slippers and a Smoothie

Sat Mar 22, 2003

All on deck for a drink designed for personal decadence and pure delight. A gift from the Goddesses' guaranteed to bring in the Light!

Every delicious drop is sure to send you drifting towards that perfect place, called 'Yum'. If you're wondering or wandering, just ask one creator... this Mum!

The sweetest pineapple, the greenest apple, combined with ripe banana, a section of sweet orange and a few frozen strawberries. Absolute Lusciousness! The prettiest blush appearing upon your palate. Succumb to the dream. And, hush...

Anytime is the Best time to sit yourself down, take a deep breath, and put your lips lovingly where you rightfully may... One more spine tingling and succulent day!

Paradise is wherever you find it. Let us keep our hearts open as we raise our glasses, brimming to the top. Sucking up sweet nectar until we divinely drop!

A salute to Liquid Love - and all it has to offer. A smile to warm cool air as one chilled elixir, ripened by nature, meets the mouth. Savouring until to finally swallow...

Red berried Rapture bursting with flavour Real. Ever Ripening fruits of true appetites' desire.

Sheepskin Slippers and a Smoothie. My O' My and so Mmmarvelously Me... No wonder I look upon Life so Deliciously!

P.S. Remember, what you put in your mouth becomes You. And You become it. C'mon, take a sip...

I am!

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