Super Natural Woman

Words : The Wellness Show

Wed Mar 26, 2003

  Wellness is often a suspended State of Mind...
Or, a well attended show, yearly put on, in the Province of B.C.
Vancouver - as always - the Host of Feeling Positively!

So, place your trust and move your plaque into history's backpocket
Get a positive charge from one battery packed HyG Ionic Toothbrush - Dyna Dental - "As Seen on TV."

Mouthy stuff smelling of sweet success
No tube, no paste
You and your mouth best make haste
Toothy Smile of pearly whites to Bless!

Tasty blend of herbs for yo-yoing dieters
Finally on the healthy mend

A system toxin free and a mind clear
Isagenix is finally here!

Lavender placed glently upon temples and the hungry 3rd Eye
Organically grown Isis essential oils
A gift bestowed by another Single Mom in a pregnant pause...

A loving anointment - Just Cause...
A fragrent and Fateful appointment!

Healing hands probing deep
Ancient Chinese medicine at it's intuitive best
Knowing fingers of Kang Ling never rest

Well studied practitioner and Doctor smile so proud
Amazing results speak out Loud!

Within our Tissues
Telltale signs of Old
Women and their issues
Shalt not be undersold

All the Best of Health and Inner Happiness,

Copyright 2003 by