Super Natural Woman

Words : Birthdays & Balance

Wed Mar 21, 2003

Kaelin and Adrian blowing out candles Birthdays are about Balance. One Amazing Healer (I've referred him to 3 more clients within the last few days!) deserves a heaven sent and sumptuous repast served with Love

As if the decedent macadamia apricot pie (2 layers filled with banana and pineapple) wasn't enough... I am the gushing Hostess gratefully receiving one more body alignment (he's the pro!) My, how a vessel quickly begins to capsize!

This Marvellous Man of Massage knows how to pay attention, listen with all his sense, and undo some of that which we allow our busy brains to inflict upon our all too often overextended (physical) selves.

One gentle soul realigned with the tenders of a touch all that is again wondrously well (or, a lot closer, at least!)

Happy 49 (March...) year young (and many more years wiser) Beautiful Birthday Boy. You deserve only the Best - since you simply are ...!


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