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Words : Kundalini Cravings

1st Class - Kundalini with Gyata by K. Marion

Thu April 9, 2003

Katherine Yoga "You can relax now..." the voice calls out to me. Cradling me in her loving arms, she soothes me. We begin to rock back and forth together. And, finally (one more small eternity) allow myself to do what I need to do. I cry...

Tears too long pent up, release themselves to gladly move down my warming face. Quivering lips taste with the salt of sureness and certainty, this is a part of what is necessary to set my aching soul free.

She gently lifts me up and caresses me with her tender words. Embracing the moment, I accept all I am meant to be.

I am LOVE.

Katherine and Giata What a wonderful way to bring to an all encompassing close - our initial lesson in Self Love. A quickly passing (especially in Kairos time) 1 ½ hours of intense in body experience. One life enhancing, vertebrae bending workout for 6 women willing to pay the price (merely monetary, my Dears) for an uplifting opportunity to breathe in new life. Welcome to a non intrusive introduction to the most ancient of all Yogic traditions - Kundalini - the Breath of Awareness. Beautiful!

Breathing in golden light from the Heavens, through our navels - we balance our chakras - after a heart opening challenge beyond mind, reason or heated internal body.

Entering into a heightened state of consciousness, we land upon our own personal fulfillment - The truth. We are as one - At Peace!

K. Marion

First in a series of Kundalini classes taught by certified Kundalini teacher Gyata.

The top right photograph of Katherine was taken on May 14, 2003 5:00 pm with a Canon PowerShot S50 (1/1000s @ f/4.5, no flash) by Peter Jones. Posters available upon request.

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