Super Natural Woman

Words : Vancouver - One More Supernatural Day!

Mon Apr 28, 2003

Katherine Stump erenely, I sit upon a piece of ancient, shell incrusted wood, on this grassy green knoll that grows only the way it uniquely should. Paradise does to kindly greet sun-kissed Jericho Beach - where magic will forever keep.

Katherine Daisies neeling gently in a snow white field dusted by the daintiest of darling daisies. Little lovers waiting to be picked. She loves me, she loves me not... Simple treasures can never be bought.

Katherine Beach nowcaps clear and cold, set clean against the bluest sky it seems I've ever seen. To dream... of a land defied by time. A fairy tale fantasy - true and fine!

Katherine Log layful cotton candy clouds bouncing cheerfully under a smiling midday sun. Wondrous whiffs and whitened whispers Wow! the World with swirls and twirls of pure creamy delight. What a way for levitating water molecules to take free and fancy flight.

Katherine Sand racing Truth - like fine grains of sand spread afar along a beachfront fair. Alone, save for Peace - my closest friend. This the only real Life for which I care to deeply share.

Katherine Log alancing atop a worn and warming log. I close my eyes to center myself - allowing the light to flood through all World within I contain... For, Mother Nature and I - we are one of the same... Supernatural!

Katherine A. Marion

The above photograph of Katherine was taken at Jericho Beach, April 28, 2003 12:30 pm with a Canon PowerShot S50 (1/1000s @ f/4.5, no flash) by Peter Jones.

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