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Words : Dreaming of you...

April 30, 2003

A couple of years ago a kindly and keenly aware client of mine & I began discussing Love (one of my favourite soulful subjects). It all started with a fervent discussion on his Love songs (his wife was at that time selling his CD in his native land of Mexico) and my Heart Chakra...

"My girlfriend... a healer, recently told me, 'Your heart is too open. You have to close it 25%'" I informed my newfound friend and confidante (actually, one more Angel put here on Earth for me!) I had worked so hard in allowing my wounded Heart to heal, that closing this place of deep Healing felt so foreign and far from a Healthy choice to choose.

"No, Katarina, you must always keep your heart open. Your life must speak only of Love. You must write only of Love!" this wise sage and Lover of Life revealed to me. One old soul, with his own Dreams of Love - even though his name I never really did 'catch' (yet, his message remains written down in the templates of my steady heartbeat) affirmed all I'd ever really known.

Keep Dreaming... Never stop Dreaming. For, it is only when you shut down your Dreams that you begin to wither away and die. For to dream is to Live Forever!

P.S. I'll be dreaming of you...

Your Katalina

Katherine A. Marion

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