Super Natural Woman

Words : Spirit's Dance

May 4, 2003 (5:10 AM)

Katherine Sunset My Dance is with Life.
Moving together in unison, we merge as one.
Coming full circle and back again.
Rightfully to our Blessed Selves.

I have fallen into the shadows to see the darker side.
Yet, I have realized this to merely Be
A silhouette of a lighted likeness of Me.

Closer to the Light
I have mindfully chosen to land...
For, I am a Creature of the Light.
Moving towards the Light...
Of the Light...
I am the Light!

On top of a World I have carefully crafted,
I swing my arms and sing my charms.
To glide with Grace and Gratitude
With the Heartbeat of countless found souls, yet to come...

Soon, I shall be joined forever by an invincible army of ageless warriors,
No longer carrying Life's wounds
From a lost and latter day age.
Winning an eternal war with Peace's Brave Heart,
We do move with Magical Force.

As I dance,
I continue creating even newer moves with magical momentum.
Divine is my every movement,
As I remain still - within...
The Power of my Immortal Soul Guides me,
To Forever Truly Win!

Katherine A. Marion

This photograph of Katherine was taken on a rooftop in the West End, May 1, 2003 8:00 pm with a Canon PowerShot S50 (1/1000s @ f/4.5, no flash) by Peter Jones.

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