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Words : The Magic of a Mother's Day

Sun May 11, 2003

Sunshine's sweetness lays her blessed healing fingers upon me. She soothes me, offering me comfort and warmth.

"Happy Mother's Day, to me", I shall answer my phone, today. Already, I've spoken to Kaelin's Dad (let's give him some credit), who claims he's bringing me flowers, and a card, close to sunset. Must have been those heartbeats of Love I continue to send out to all those in need... I'm grateful.

It's hard to believe I'll be spending 3 hours from this early afternoon - onward... in a darkroom! Immersing my healing hands in trayfuls (ok, there's rubber gloves and tongs involved) of chemicals in order to create Black & White Magic! Kaelin will be out at the beach, gathering crab shells (sans crab) and interesting old sticks to bring happily home. He's even promised me some wild flowers - a much 'sweeter' proposition!

I called my Mommy this morning, to send her my Love. She claims she never received my recent card and letter (as usual...). I had to gently hang up (self protection) after she went on and on about how she "just walked 100 miles" and how they force her to work all night, where she stays... Same story. Sad.

Mothering Oneself is full time work. No more part time shifts... Discernment is Divine! Otherwise, how can this Rawsome Power truly be called and Kept as Mine?!

I have an incredible son to raise, who wishes (on a regular basis) for a "Daddy (a Real one!) and a little brother or sister." I will be keeping myself in tip top shape (not just physically...) so that I may sometime in this all too near fantastic future I am creating - 'fill' his Magical Order!

Thank You for this day so fine. As I watch my roses bend with ease, in a subtle wind at rooftop, my Contented Soul smiles. With my sunflower seed sprouts, nearby on a bench, catching a few beneficial rays (chlorophyll...) of their well deserved own, I practice a few more yoga stretches. To see all the Love outside of Me, my Happy Heart has ever known!

Katherine A. Marion

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This photograph of Katherine was taken on a patio in West End, May 14, 2003 5:00 pm with a Canon PowerShot S50 (1/1000s @ f/4.9, no flash) by Peter Jones.

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