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Words : Hatha Hath my Head... on a silver platter!

Tues May 14, 2003 (6:30am)

Katherine Shoulder Stand I was a show-off at Monday Evening's class. Now, I'm paying for it... And, I shan't even blame my newly purchased purple pillows (sleep on that nicely alliterated item!) My Goddess-size ego got in the way of my 3rd Eye! Now my neck is not liking what it is feeling - as tightly bound as an ancient Bedic text... ugh!

"Always make sure you counter-act one held position with one stretch... especially if you've completed four or more headstands." I could hear the instructor's voice calling out, specifically to me (that subtle manner of his...) Yet, I also heard him tell the class "We're running out of time..." So I declined. Thus, I pay...

My head now sits on a silver platter. Soon to be duly anointed by heavy bed rest, relaxing head rolls (it's all in the breath...) and "dropped shoulders". I shall in 'no time' be my usual marvellous and ever so elegantly long necked self. Seems such a small price to pay for a precious prize such as thought provoking this... After all, didn't the Teacher, again, make a point to inform us at the end of our class "Remember, today is a neck day... The moon is almost full!"

That's it, Hatha Yoga has got to go! All the way up to the top (blasted out the crown Chakra, if you please)! Just remember to keep that naughty neck (talk to that throat Chakra...) nice and loose!

P.S. C'mon, I'll Hatha ya - neck to neck - anytime...

Katherine A. Marion

The top right photograph of Katherine was taken in the Coal Harbour Community Centre, May 5, 2003 7:30 pm with a Canon PowerShot S50 (1/60s @ f/2.8, flash) by Peter Jones.

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