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Words : Kundalini Cravings 2

Appointment with the 3 H's
Wed May 21, 2003

Katherine and Gyata "I wish you Health, Happiness and Holiness", Gyata bestows upon us (4 women) as she brings to a blessed close one more intense 1 ½ hr Kundalini class.

No one wants to leave. It is apparent... Prayer Pose, the sending out of our accumulative Love (plenty!) in chant, and one final "Sat Nam" to sleep on. Yet, we still wish to stay within this safe and protected cocoon of consciousness. Nurtured. Loved. Honoured.

As a spontaneous creature, actively involved in the passionate pursuit of listening only to my instincts, Gyata's Kundalini class is one of my few favoured appointments.

Every Wednesday-eve for 1 ½ hours I spend precious time with only me (ok, there do seem to be a few female entities in the vicinity - yet...)! My only responsibility is to my self and my own immediate well being. No one and nothing outside of my favoured frame of reference counts, except my breathing and the heart it so perfectly belongs to...

All encompassing 'time' involving the evolved aspects of 'who I am' and 'all I can be' are contained within the four walls of this secluded space. A sojourn. A sanctuary. A safe place. A sacred arena for self. Sweet!

With every passing week, I place an offering at my earthly Guru's (a healthy mirror) feet (well, close enough...). She's always so grateful. Today, it was Lilacs ('picked Fresh on my 1 ½ hr seawall bike ride, prior) and a juicy red organic apple (sans worm) for the well deserving teacher.

We often hug each other after the class. A wonderful closeness. A Joy. An open heart's adventure...

See you next week, Gyata

P.S. You too...

- Katherine A. Marion

This photograph of Katherine was taken at the Rhododendron Garden in Stanley Park, May 23, 2003 3:30 pm with a Canon PowerShot S50 (1/250s @ f/4.5, flash) by Peter Jones.

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