Super Natural Woman

Words : The Power of Love

Sat May 17, 2003 (3:40am)

Katherine and Kaelin with cake Love is definitely what keeps me awake throughout the nite and into the later hours of the morn.

'I think of Love differently' comes to mind in the Kitchen, as I grate one more cold apple (goes with a warm heart!)...

The poems I wrote at the fragile age of 17, 18... about Love, consisted of verses such as these...

"The pounding down on heavy iron
The dull hurt you cannot tend
The shrill whistle of the sharp siren..."

Wow! Had I already seen a lot! Yet, my vast experiences were merely 'lived' through the eyes of a blinded many (even if it was my own family)

Now, what I know is even more. For, I am my own truth.

Love is not "blind" or stupid or worthless. Love is all seeing, feeling and infinitely priceless. It is the heart that opens fully to allow in the light. It is all that is good and right. It is true to the very core. It shines with a beauty one can't for ever long (if that...) ignore.

Love is the positioning of one's self in a place of great reverence for Life and it's sanctity, therewithin. Love is the embracing of all that is not known. Love is moving forward with ideals set high and conditions never given. Love is beyond measure, yet fills the heart. Love is of all earthly Joys, the sweetest, tenderest part...

Ones Love can be "as deep as a river" or it can span a million lifetimes. Love is indiscribable, yet found within every sunset. Love is "solid like a rock", yet is the purest of all that is intangible. Love is "never having to say you're sorry", yet Love is Honour and Respect to the very bone. Love is a home where I choose to live. Love is mine.

I am.

- Katherine A. Marion

This above photograph of Katherine and Kaelin was taken on May 26, 2003 7:15 pm with a Canon PowerShot S50 (1/125s @ f/2.8, flash) by Peter Jones.

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