Super Natural Woman

Words : Peace is a Family

Tue June 3, 2003 (1:15am)

Katherine and Snatam God is in every one... Snatam sings tonight to a roomful of enchanted listeners. Cross legged in 'easy pose' the open hearted watch heartfelt emotions capture themselves upon one Goddess' loving face.

A sense of Peace prevails as 2 ½ hours of honest emotion shared within this safe space comes to an all encompassing consciousness raising close.

Open minds and stretched spines merely see this meditation room as beyond earthy physical confines. A sacred sanctuary to soothe the soul and bring the searching many back to a healing whole.

Sheepskin rugs rolled up and grateful hugs handed out, after one last rousing round of "Sat Nam". For a performance pure and a performer filled with divine purpose.

An evening Perfect. An awaiting World simply made better!

- Katherine A. Marion

This photograph of Katherine with Snatam was taken at Yoga West, May 30, 2003 6:00 pm with a Canon PowerShot S50 (1/60s @ f/2.8, flash) by Peter Jones.

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