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Words : Hatha Have Shoulder Stands and Raised Expectations!

Wed June 4, 2003 (1:20am)

Katherine shoulder stands "This week is a rising moon. So, raise your expectations", our teacher, David, told a full class before finishing off one more powerful hatha Yoga session (even if last week was a waning moon!) "You'll have more energy this week", he gladly informed 6 sets of keen ears - his eager and ever learning pupils.

One of the last exercises of the 1 ½ hour intensive (including plenty of shoulder stands and The Locust for 'Good Luck!") was where we lifted our arms way over our heads and bent them backwards from an elevated elbow. This is where he suggested we focus on 'what we can give ourselves credit for, and also, what we need to improve upon...' Wise man! What a delicate way to leave an indelible imprint. Now, it's gotta happen...

See you next week for our last (no, not yet!) class concluding a series of 10 mind boggling (too many...) body stretching, confidence boosting weeks of energizing sessions.


- Katherine A. Marion

This photograph of Katherine was taken at Cowabunga Beach, June 7, 2003 8:30 pm with a Canon PowerShot S50 (1/250s @ f/3.2, flash) by Peter Jones.

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