Super Natural Woman

Words : Daddy Lost

Fri June 13, 2003 (3:10am)

Kevin and Baby Kaelin You once cradled him in your arms at night
Now, you kiss him quickly upon the forehead before you disappear out of sight

You once stroked the skin between his softened brow to send him off to sleep
Now, you call him 'buddy' from a distance you choose to keep

You once dreamt of being the father you never had
Now, you've become the very 'man' you did dread, how very, very sad

You once believed you could be anyone you wanted to be
Now, you have lost your soul and sacred self to demons you choose to see

You once meant the whole world to your beautiful son and I
Now, all we can safely do is separate from that 'Love' you allowed to die

With Hope,

- Katherine A. Marion

Kevin and Baby Kaelin

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