Super Natural Woman

Words : Starfish in Heaven

by Kaelin Marion (as transcribed by Mummy)

Fri Sept 12, 2003

Kaelin holding Starfish It was neat when we went to Bowen Island, and I caught a cricket. We camped over on a beach where mosquitoes live - we woke up and we were scratching and itching. Then, we woke up and no more mosquitoes were biting us and inviting us to their blood party!

I caught a little cricket. It was very nice looking. It was so neat! I almost kept it in my hand. I put it in my flea pocket and he was breathing.

I was fishing and these Shines were eating my hook. Like a Piranha! They were very dark looking. And they were called Shiners because they shine in the light.

I put a crab on my hook. And it flung off my hook just when I was going to throw it in the ocean.

I found some little starfish. They were floating in the ocean. I caught them just when a wave caught them. I looked at them and then I saw Mum looking at them. So she took a picture. And I was smiling!

- Kaelin W. Marion

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