Super Natural Woman

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Listen to Interview (7MB .ram) Katherine was interviewed on the Animal Voices radio show. Karl Losken interviewed Victoria Boutenko, Katherine and Margaret Adams. Katherine's interview starts 32 minutes into the September 9 show.

Host Karl Losken, Katherine and Marge Adams (Vancouver Humane Society)

Katherine shares her views on Vegetarianism and life

Animal Voices Producer Lindsay Bickford and Katherine

"Meet the Boutenko family, authors of 'Raw Family: A True Story of Awakening' and '200 Stoveless Recipes', who, through adopting a raw-food diet cured themselves of serious, "incurable diseases". In the studio Katherine Marion of, discusses her own experiences with the raw food diet." - Animal Voices, September 9, 2002

Victoria Boutenko - Raw Family | Vancouver Humane Society

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